Cody Childress

Whoville Speed And Custom

Whoville Speed and Custom based in Abilene, Texas is home to builder Cody Childress. Cody's FXR won top honors at the 2016 Sturgis FXR show as well as top honors at the Las Vegas Bike Fest in the same year.

Kory Souza

Kory Souza Originals

Kory Souza Originals, based in Sarasota, Florida is easily one of the world's top shops in the industry today. Known for his style and attention to detail, Kory's bikes have graced the cover of almost every notable publication in print.

Eric Allard

FNA Custom Cycles

At FNA Custom Cycles we specialize in creating custom machines designed to be ridden. We have expertise in working with a variety of bike platforms, Harley, Euro, or Japanese we can build you a truly unique custom motorcycle that will look great and can be a daily rider.

Tom Keller

Thug Custom Cycles

With years of experience, from stock motorcycles, to full body custom modifications, Tom has what it takes to build the world's top custom bikes. After working in some of the leading shops in the industry, he decided to open his own store. As the owner of Thug Custom Cycles, Tom is now taking custom bike building to a whole new level.

JUNE 22, 2019

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