Who We Are

The Early Learning Coalition of Polk County is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization establishment by Florida Statute Chapter 411 in 1999. The Coalition provides low income and at-risk children access to high-quality early education and child care to help prepare them for success in school while supporting families to become economically self-sufficient. Each year, the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County contracts and supports more than 300 licensed child care providers to serve over 12,000 children through its programs.

Our Mission Statement

The Coalition will provide leadership, direction, and integrated resource management for quality services that support our vision of success for children.

Our Vision Statement

The Coalition’s vision is to assure that all children enter school healthy, ready, and eager for lifelong learning with the collaborative support of parents, families, educators, and the community.

Why We Need Your Help

Research shows that a solid foundation in early education affords a child with a greater chance of success in Kindergarten through 12th grade, and subsequently in college. This year in Polk County, only 44% of incoming students were “kindergarten ready”, leaving 56% in desperate need of our help. It is our vision to assure all children enter school ready to learn, and with your help, this is possible.

Where Will the Fundraising Dollars Go?

Proceeds from this event will go directly to support the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County and the educational programs that impact thousands of children in our community every day by giving them a chance to enter school ready and to succeed not only in their education, but in their lives as well. When children succeed, we all win.

JUNE 22, 2019

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